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We all love our pets and many of us spend a lot of time taking pictures of them. Why not turn those treasured photographs into treasured keepsakes. My Pet Coasters & More can take those photos from you phone or camera and turn them into creative, unique products that you will love to display and even give away as gifts.

Our line of products includes sets of coasters, legacy tiles, posters, cards and even wrought iron items. Simply order online, upload your photos and we will do the rest. Plus, there is only a $5 shipping fee, no matter the size of your order.flat rate shipping To learn more about our items, click a product link on the left side of this page.

In addition to providing memorable keepsakes of your pets, My Pet Coasters & More offers pet groups fundraising opportunities to raise money for their animal cause. Whether you are an adoption group, veterinarian clinic, animal shelter or any other pet/animal organization, My Pet Coasters & More can set up up your very own fundraising program. All you have to do is promote your unique web page and you will earn money for your organization when people order products from your page. To read some fundraising success stories, click here.

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My Pet Coasters & More work with different organizations to raise money for their cause when people purchase products from their unique site. Below are the current fundraisers. Click on the link to learn more about the fundraiser and how you can help.

Going To The Dogs